General Anaesthesia and childrens dentistry

Sometimes children may need extensive dental work and if the child is afraid of it or has a hard time sitting still, General Anaesthetic may be used to make sure the child is free of pain during the procedures and it can be done quickly for them.

Though the process for General Anaesthetic is very safe in Australia, there are precautions that must be taken to ensure it is done according to law and to minimise potential negative effects.

  • Your child must have fasted from food and drink for a certain amount of time before the procedure to make sure that they have a low chance of vomiting or being sick during the surgery.
  • The procedure needs to be done in hospital or a day surgery because General Anaesthetic can only be done by an Anaesthetist and is done either by a gas administered by a mask or an injection.
  • General Anaesthetic can only be done when your child is in great health so if your child is showing signs of cold or flu, you will need to reschedule!

One of the main concerns is whether or not General Anaesthetic is harmful to young children, the precautions listed above need to be followed to ensure safety and it is also important to do research on the dental surgeon and anaesthetist you are going to be seeing. Australia has high safety and practice standards so you are in great hands normally!

TIP: It is always important to monitor your child afterwards and ensure they return to their normal selves after the drowsiness and drug effects subside.