Dental Implant Options

Dental implants are the process generally of replacing a dead or missing tooth with a metal implant into the bone so that it can support a crown or bridge and can also enable the client to wear dentures. Dental implants are performed by prosthodontists and are either called conventional or mini. Conventional implants are larger than mini implants but only by a few millimeters, conventional implants are about 5mm and mini implants are 3mm at largest.

The timeline for dental implants can be long so it is important to take care of your teeth over your life and ensure that you visit your dentist regularly. Once the implant is put into the bone in your jaw, it is normally left there for about 2 months to let it heal and then the Crown or bridge is placed and aesthetic adjustments can be made to make it look like a real tooth if that is what the client wants.

Most clients report the process is fairly painless and even though it may seem quite extreme.