How does a dental hygienist help with oral care

The main role of a hygienist is to prevent and also treat gum disease. However, a dental hygienist works in conjunction with a greater dental team to treat and assess oral health and hygiene.
Dental hygienists use preventative measures to help patients preserve and improve their oral health. Hygienists will focus on educating patients about healthy oral care and routine, including the type of diet they engage in, how they brush their teeth, and how many times they brush and floss.
After an assessment of a patients oral hygiene routine, a hygienist will be able to make suggestions and plans to improve and manage their dental needs.
To prevent or treat gum disease a hygienist will often professional clean a patients teeth, often referred to as a ‘clean, scale and polish’.
Hygienists will also assist dentists and other dental practitioners while working within a wider dental team. Other roles and responsibilities that a dental hygienist may engage in may include; assisting in putting on braces, apply teeth whitening, taking radiographs, administering pain control and educating patients in oral health.

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