For various reasons, some people do not enjoy visiting the dentist. They may have had an unpleasant experience in the past, which often results in many putting off regular checkups and failing to see the dentist for up to years at a time. 

With modern technology, there is a new form of dentistry “sleep dentistry” or sedation dentistry. This is where patients are placed under mild sedation during treatment for a pain free, stress free and comfortable experience. 

If you are interested in the possibility in having sleep dentistry, consult your dentist. In the meantime here are some points to consider about sleep dentistry: 

  • Sleep dentistry is perfect for those who experience anxiety about dental treatments or visiting the dentist 
  • Sleep dentistry can be time saving, as multiple treatments and procedures are able to be completed at the same time
  • Sleep dentistry is suitable for a large number of procedures
  • Patients will be assessed beforehand for their eligibility for sleep dentistry 
  • Sleep dentistry is cheaper then procedures using general anesthetic 
  • Sleep dentistry is an additional cost on top of a normal dental procedure
  • Medicare rebates can be used