Lasers in dentistry

What is laser dentistry?

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a new technology used to treat different dental issues. The benefit of laser dentistry is that it replaces tools such as drills and scalpels. The way lasers works is by directing a beam that is invisible toward the problematic tooth. It can be used for procedures which involve gums, enamel and tooth decay such as fillings, gum surgery and teeth whitening.

Laser fillings

Laser dentistry can be utilised during restorative procedures such as fillings.  During the process of a filling, the existing decay is firstly removed with a laser and then the standard method of restoring the tooth with resin materials follows. Laser fillings are a good option for nervous patients as it can often avoid the use of drills and the needles which generally accompany them. Lasers have high accuracy and target only the decay, not removing any of the healthy tooth in the process. Having a laser filling does not mean you have to sit in the chair longer though — they are just as efficient as conventional fillings.

Laser gum surgery

Gum surgery involves the use of local anaesthetic and scalpels to performs procedures to address gum health issues. The use of lasers in gum surgery is more efficient, less painful and less invasive. Generally, when using lasers patients do not require stitches and has a quicker recovery period. Another benefit of laser gum surgery is that it also has the advantage of helping to re-attach gum tissue to the tooth roots and promotes the growth of new bone.

Laser teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is an increasingly popular dental treatment. There are different ways to achieve a bright smile, and for dramatic results, laser teeth whitening is often performed. The process simply lasts approximately one hour and similar, to other whitening processes, cheek retractors are placed in, the soft tissues are isolated, and a bleaching gel is applied to the teeth. A different laser to other procedures is used. This laser generates heat and speeds the process up to create better results for patients.