Porcelain fillings: a long term option

Porcelains fillings tend to be the more popular choice due to not only their aesthetics, but also their longevity. Fillings made out of this material are very strong and have shown to last 15-20 years, however, with advancements in dental technology, they are becoming better and stronger and starting to last far beyond this. 

The downside to porcelain restoration is that they are more costly compared to amalgam or composite filling alternatives. Porcelain fillings can cost anywhere between $1500-$2500 whereas it’s possible to receive the alternatives for under $1000. Amalgam and composite fillings, however, have a life expectancy of 5 years. 

Dentists tend to recommend porcelain as they are much more stronger and aesthetically appealing and give you a long-term solution which will prevent any damage which could require removal of the tooth. Further damage to the tooth can be very painful, time-consuming and much more expensive than the cost of porcelain restoration which is why porcelain is the more appropriate solution.