Cleaning your teeth with braces

Often those with braces or similar orthodontic work feel like they get more food and plaque stuck in the metal wires, and actual brace glued to the tooth, not to mention feeling like they cannot floss as well as they could prior to the work being done.

It is extremely important to maintain the cleanliness and health of your teeth when you have braces on as you can unintentionally cause permanent discolouration and decay to your teeth without proper care!

Important tips for keeping your teeth clean after having braces applied include:

  • Purchasing a good quality electric toothbrush and brushing thoroughly on each tooth
  • Brushing your teeth at a range of angles to make sure you get all of the surface areas
  • Purchase floss that you can thread through between your teeth and above the wires on your braces. Threaders can be more painful to use in terms of time and effort but it will help prevent gum disease.
  • Book yourself in to see a dental hygienist or dentist for regular cleans and save yourself from potential gum disease from extra plaque.

As usual, seeing your dentist more often will keep your smile in top shape for as long as possible!