Online whitening crazes – do they work

Charcoal seems to be everything these days, facemask, toothbrush, soap, deodorant. There is especially a trend to use it for at home dental whitening. Charcoal is a homeopathic remedy for detoxing, in its powder form it has a similar consistency to baking soda which is also used for whitening.

What you should know about Charcoal whitening

When charcoal is applied to the teeth either as a treatment or as a toothpaste for brushing it removes any surface stains that it binds to like coffee or tea. It is a topical treatment only assisting in surface stains. It will don’t work on stains caused by smoking, age or medication.

What are the dangers of Charcoal whitening

Teeth, like hair, skin and nails cannot repair themselves after being damaged. Charcoal and Baking soda for that matter, are highly abrasive and can cause damage to the tooth enamel. Once the tooth enamel is damaged it is permanent. Charcoal is not approved by the Australian Dental Association for whitening.

What should you use to whiten?

Speak to your Dentist about whether dental whitening is right for you, your Dental Professional can recommend In Chair whitening or take home whitening approved by the Australian Dental Association.