Do I need to replace metal fillings

Many clients have heard that Amalgam fillings are now outdated and the new materials available such as porcelain and composite fillings are more aesthetically attractive and they don’t require extra manipulation of the tooth to put in place. Amalgam doesn’t actually bond to the tooth so your dentist needs to cut a space for it in your tooth unlike porcelain and composite where the material actually binds to your tooth and can be moulded to the exact shape of the cavity.

There is no pressing reason to have your Amalgam fillings replaced if they have not caused issues and you get your teeth regularly checked by your dentist. They are still effective and are unlikely to cause issues provided they are taken care of.

That being said, here are a few reasons clients may want to change their Amalgam filling:

  • Amalgam has a grey/dark color and some clients find this affects how they feel about the look of their teeth especially when smiling or speaking to others whereas porcelain and composite can be matched to your natural tooth colour
  • Amalgam has mercury content and some clients prefer to change to a different material without any mercury. It also raises concerns for disposal as it is not an environmentally friendly material.
  • Amalgam can also expand and contract in varying circumstances so can be the cause of cracks and fractures in the tooth.