White patches and lines on your teeth

Chalky teeth can occur in both children and adults, but more commonly on baby teeth. In fact one in six children are affected.

Molar-incisor hypomineralisation (or chalky teeth) occurs when teeth are low in calcium and result in discoloured patchy teeth which are soft and sensitive.Chalky teeth can be more susceptible to breaking and sensitivity when eating or drinking certain foods.

Chalky teeth are not resulted from a poor diet, lifestyle or dental hygiene but usually occur as a result from childhood illness or genetics. Medications such as antibiotics prescribed by a doctor for an illness can also contribute to chalky teeth.

If you believe that your child has chalky teeth it is best to seek advice from a dentist or paediatric dentist. They will be able to assess whether the discolouration is a result from chalky teeth or another dental issue such as tooth decay.

Often chalky teeth will be treated by using a crown or through tooth extraction. Nerve treatment may also be used if the teeth are sensitive.