When to brush your teeth

When is it best to brush your teeth?

You have heard the message: “Brush your teeth twice a day” for many years, and for many years this has been the brushing norm.

Have you ever thought about whether there is a better and healthier time to brush your teeth? Is it best to be the first thing you do after jumping out of bed in the morning, before breakfast, or after breakfast and before you start your day?

What does your morning brushing routine look like? What is best, and is there room for improving your oral health care routine?

Yes, when to brush matters!

The breakfast foods we eat, such as coffee and fruit juice, are high-acid foods. Eating these foods lowers the pH in your mouth, which is the reason why it is essential to think about when you brush your teeth. High-acid environments soften the enamel surface of your teeth, which is the strongest outer layer. By brushing your teeth after eating acidic food, you are brushing a softened enamel surface. This erodes the enamel and can cause excessive wear and tooth sensitivity.

The research shows that after eating food, it takes a minimum of half an hour to restore your mouth from an acid attack to a neutral pH. The importance of this means there is an ideal time of when you should be brushing your teeth.

When is the best time to be brushing?

  1.    Before eating your breakfast

This way you avoid brushing your teeth in a high acid environment

  1. 30 minutes after breakfast

You should wait at least 30 minutes after eating your breakfast and before brushing your teeth.

What if waiting 30 minutes is not practical?

Of course, everyone has different morning routines, and it is not always practical to wait 30 minutes after breakfast to clean your teeth. If this is you, you can try switching to brushing before eating or having a work toothbrush. In the meantime, you can rinse your mouth with water and chew gum (sugar-free).

When is the best time to brush in the evening?

The time you brush your teeth in the evening is also important. This might seem clear for many, with the majority of us brushing after eating dinner and before sleep. The important habit to practice is to of course floss, but to also make sure you are not consuming any food after cleaning your teeth in the evening. This is because if you have a snack, the sugar results in a more acidic environment, the accumulation of bacteria and therefore, erosion of your teeth while sleeping.

Take away tips for when it is best to clean teeth:

  • Two times a day
  • Once in the morning, either before breakfast or 30 minutes after breakfast
  • Once in the evening – alongside flossing and after dinner